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The Dreamland Bundle

The Dreamland Bundle

Memory Foam Bed Pillow + Eye Mask

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Say goodnight to restless nights and neck pain. You'll get the dreamiest sleep of your life with this bedtime bundle.

| Midnight Grey

Sleep soundly with spinal support

Bed Pillow adapts to the natural curvature of your neck, alleviating pressure and maximizing Rest. It's made with high-quality memory foam with optimum breathability, so you remain cool and calm even when you're face-down.

A dream in total darkness

With its total blackout and ergonomic design, Eye Mask is the best ally for those who need to switch off and sleep. Plus, blink-friendly eye cups keep off the pressure for comprehensive comfort.

Sleep better together

Together, this duo promises truly restorative sleep. The supportive Bed Pillow keeps the spine aligned, eliminating aches and pains, while darkness naturally enhances the quality of your sleep.

For all sleep positions

Bed pillow is equipped with three heights to accommodate side, stomach, and back sleepers. Thanks to snag-free and fastidious Velcro, Eye Mask stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn.